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A New Sport for Ayrshire

Padel Tennis is now recognised as the fastest growing sport in the UK. Obviously the climate of Spain and South America assists with populating outdoor venues, however these countries get rain as well and condensation which effectively ends a game of padel: the wet glass walls dampen the balls.

Nevertheless, even in Spain, such is the massive appeal and participation in the sport that there are as many indoor facilities as outdoor nowadays and this is when I figured this game could reach and appeal to the Scottish audience who I was sure would appreciate this pacey, tactical, energetic and fun sport.

On further research I learned the first outdoor padel court opened in Edinburgh Tennis club, and shortly after a second at Bridge of Allan. So why not Ayrshire?

Come down and give it a try!


Easy to Play... for all ages and abilities

The game of Padel Tennis should appeal to a wide range of ages, genders and variety of abilities. Whilst there is a distinct advantage to those having played some form of racquet sport before it is a very easy game to learn.

Due to the nature of the sport being played on a court with a glass compartment it almost eradicates the requirement for interruptions to actual play with fewer time spent retrieving balls. The serve is under arm and therefore lesser emphasis on a power and nurtured overhead serve technique. There is more scope to learn the game between four players of mixed abilities and still remain competitive by pairing the strongest and weakest player against the two average abilities.

As the rallies are longer and more open play shots, then a reasonable ability to play forehand, backhand, volley, lob, drop shots are more a pre-requisite than necessarily power play in pure tennis.

Naturally, there are better players that have developed through practice, coaching or experience gained through regular play, but every level can continue to enhance their own skill/ability through effort and commitment.

Similarly as you develop technique through regular play or coaching, experience will build a natural anticipation of shots played off the glass wall as you learn match by match the various angles a ball will be played using the angles. The glass is often referred to as your ‘friend’ as by allowing certain shots to by-pass you then you can anticipate where the ball will rebound to and buy you time to think where you can attempt to play or position your next shot.


Padel Tennis - Experience a sport played by 10 million people worldwide

Join one of the fastest growing sports in the world and become one of the more than 10 million padel players enjoying this popular, social and hugely addictive game. Here at Ayrshire Padel Tennis we have players of all levels, so if you are brand new to the sport, we'll be able to match you up with players of similar ability. Contact us or call in today!


Padel is tactical, exciting, hard-work and hugely addictive.


Game with such growing and global appeal.


The pace, energy and fun makes Padel a great game for everyone.


The rules of Padel are remarkably similar to tennis easily learned.


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